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Foreword Message

It gives me pleasure to pen my message for the year 2021 with a positive note. Khwendo Kor has risen from the ashes to once again face a bright and successful future. The difficulties of the past regarding no objection certificates and official clearances are behind it and an upward swing has begun in obtaining projects and their implementation. A major achievement was securing a project from UNHCR covering 300 schools with a significant budget. Consequently, it has been able to increase its staff which had become reduced to a handful.  Other projects are in the pipeline. Fortunately, Khwendo Kor never lost its good reputation and social capital of the past, which shall assist in gaining lost ground surely and rapidly.

What can be more satisfying personally than to witness this heartening change in the last year of my term as Chairperson of Khwendo Kor.  I have been a close witness to the years of selfless hard work of the stalwarts of the Organization, i.e the Chief Executive and the Director of Institutional Development, namely Dr. Maryam Bibi and Mr. Khalid Usman. Other staff have come and gone but the two have held everything together.  It is my sincere wish and hope that they are able to rebuild a capable and enduring team, and to remain relevant and to adapt as necessary in the unfavorable environment that civil society faces generally.

My appreciation and best wishes for the entire team of Khwendo Kor.

Zubeida Khatoon