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December 2022

Flood Response Dated: 30-08-2022

District: Nowshera Union Council Peer Sabaq

Clean drinking water, Food and Mobile Medical Camp:

Distributed food (190 packs) among the flood affectees.

Distributed clean drinking water (260) among the flood affectees.

Distributed medicine among kids and women under the custody of female medical specialists (Rescue 1122). 

EHD-International Volunteer Day-2022 (UoP)

Khwendo Kor Elma Bibi Handicrafts Development (EHD) team participation in the celebration of “International Volunteer Day-2022” on Dec 05, 2022, at University of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan.
The Governor Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali was the chief guest at the event. The #EHD stall was visited by the Governor, academia, line department, and civil society organizations and the students’ as well as the community. They appreciated the Khwendo Kor efforts on the economic empowerment of deserving women. The stall visitors bought different #EHD products as well. It was a very good occasion for the promotion of EHD products and linkages development.

Flood Response Dated: 28-08-2022

District: Nowshera Union Council Pir Khail and Lower Kheeshko
Rapid need assessment of flood vulnerability: 

Distributed clean drinking water, food and medicines to 180 flood affectees.

Dasterkhwan at Village Mathra District Peshawar (24 Nov-22)

Date:               24th of Nov, 2022 (Thursday)                   

Time:             12:00 MD

Food served:  Rice with lentils and vegetables (Local delicious rice)

Accumulated Statistics:


Events Men Women Drug abusers Children

Trans Gender






Till last 17th November 2022


5,138 1,879 151 2,238 2,446






3- -34 84



Total Accumulative 187 5,141 1,913 151 2,238 2,530




Current Dastarkhwan:

This Dasterkhwan was arranged and food cooked by Mathra Viable Village Women Dasterkhwan Committee (MVVWDC) members at Deen Dunya (DD) premises. For the first time, all five MVVWDC members were present and very excited to cook and serve the food to the guest. School & EHD teachers were also very active to support them.

The food was served to the local women, learners of Elma Bibi Handicraft development center, Zoe bibi school children as well as men including DD watchman and driver. All participants were very happy to have a delicious favorite food and thankful to KK for providing this support.

Before starting Dasterkhwan, all children washed their hands in presence of their class teacher.

The Dasterkhwan was started with Duaa/prayers by all participants expressing gratitude to almighty Allah for all the blessings. All students were very excited and when they were asked about their school then they all enthusiastically raised their hands and said “they like their school very much” so again they were asked why they liked their school?

They replied the following which was very encouraging for the school staff.

  • We learn reading and writing here.
  • Our school cook food for us while other schools do nothing likes Dasterkhwan.
  • Our teachers never beat us.
  • We learn here different Duaaa, stories, and poems in different languages.
  • On every Saturday, we enjoy games with teachers.
  • Daily in circle time we share our experiences with each other.
  • On national and international days we prepare and present different tableaus on songs and poems with colorful dresses and enjoy a lot.
  • Our School often invites our mothers also and we get happy when our mothers join us in different events at school.

It was a very good social gathering for the participants, they had a very good discussion with each other.  The all food was consumed.  Jazak Allah Khair.


Bridging the digital gender divide in Pakistan developing of a gender inclusive digital strategy PTA

Ms. Sabah and Mr. Noman Sanam represented Khwendo Kor in a one day consultative workshop which was on the inclusion of female in information and communication technologies (ICTs).
Objectives of workshop:
  1. Identifying and drafting of specific measures that can be initiated by PTA to address the digital gender divide in Pakistan and support women’s connectivity.
  2. Identifying and connections with core stakeholders whose collective action can help to reduce the gender digital divide.
  3. Creation of mechanisms for effective and coordination joint efforts between the stakeholders.
The consultant was Ms. Sadaf Khan from UNESCO Pakistan.

Consultative meeting on national policy on ending violence against women

Ms. Daimeen Gul represented Khwendo Kor in a one day consultative meeting on national policy on ending violence against women. This event was organized by UN Women at venue Shelton’s Rezidor
Professor Dr Suhail Shahzad – UN Women Expert and Mr. Shahzad Director International Cooperation Wing of Ministry of Human Rights Pakistan, presented the vision of Human rights ministry to the audience. The need and purpose of drafting a national policy for prevention of violence against women was elaborated through an interactive session. Framework of the national policy on “EVAW” was introduced, mainly;
1. Prevention
2. Response/ protection and Rehabilitation
3. Implementation with citizens/sate
4. Evaluation, monitoring and Reporting
The participants were requested to present any of the sub section of national policy frame work. Third sub-section “EVAW policy implementation with citizen/state “was presented by the Ms. Daimeen Gul (PDO Khwendo Kor). The PDO identified various gaps in “violence prevention” policy implementation and suggested recommendations to be incorporated in national policy.

Khwendo Kor and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Commission-KPIC

The Article 19-A of the Constitution of Pakistan 1973 states that, the Right to Information enables the public and civil societies to access information held by public bodies and empowers them to hold their leaders accountable and ensure respect and observance of the human rights.
Khwendo Kor and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Commission-KPIC agreed through Memorandum of Understanding signed on dated 15th day of November 2022 having an objective to improve collaboration and to contribute in promoting, diversity, building relations, introduce new progressive opportunities for women, encourage women to avail the available opportunities and to create a society where women can feel easy in taking benefit of the existing services in the province. Both parties roles are well defined and agreed in its MoU.

International Children Day 2022

In District Haripur Khwendo Kor celebrated INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN DAY 2022 in its all 28 Refugee Village Schools and Accelerated Learning Pathways Centers supported by UNHCR Sub-Office Peshawar with great enthusiasm and participations from children, parents and PTC. Children encouraged to actively participate in different joy full activities such as;
Arm resettling, Hide n seeks, Musical chairs, Tug of war, Chundro, Race, Ludo, Bantay, Cricket, Spoon Race, Bloon Blowing, March Pass, Food Competition, Painting and Drawing Competition, Mandi Competition, Quiz Competition, Traditional Dress Exhibition, Cultural Dance, Food Stalls, Puppet Shows and much more….
Direction from Mr. Fahad Saleem (Project Coordinator Khwendo Kor and Ms. Kehkishan Rani (District Haripur Regional Education Officer-Khwendo Kor) along her team involved Parent Teachers Association who arranged this event with the support of teachers made this day glorious and special. Gifts and awards were distributed among the children.