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Three days residential training on Sexual Harassment Laws.

Khwendo Kor standing inquiry committee members on the matter of Sexual Harassment at Work Place has recently attended the three days residential training on Sexual Harassment Laws.
Thank you, Mehergarh (A Center for Learning) leadership and team for tremendous hospitality, provided with comfortable environment to speak and giving each participant opportunity to express their opinion and emotions.

Khwendo Kor and Christian Study Center

Khwendo Kor organized one day exposure visit for KK management team for their wellbeing and learning. The delegation visited Christian Study Centre in Rawalpindi to exchange learnings and experiences where KK and CSC could work in collaboration to promote social cohesion and inter faith harmony in society.
We sincerely thank Christian Study Centre its management and team for reception and hospitality.

Farewell to Mr. Fahad Saleem and Wellbeing Checkin

Farewell party given to Mr. Fahad Saleem who was looking UNHCR project as a Project Coordinator has got new job opportunity at Islamic Relief Pakistan. Khwendo Kor wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.